A prototype of the proposed Novel Flood Early Warning System will be tested and put in a pre-operational mode in a selected catchment in China. It is expected to be the first 'dynamic multipurpose early flood warning software system' that uses the massive TIGGE database cascaded with river catchment models to produce river flow rate, inundation water depth, inundation water extent, flood risk maps, risk uncertainty analysis. All components will be available as modules packaged in a fully coupled and user friendly expert system software to be known as ''Novel Early Flood Warning and Risk Assessment System'', in short NEWS. A partnership is expected to be established between the NEWS KCL Team led by Dr. Hannah Cloke of the environment monitoring and modeling group at KCL and the NEWS HHU Team led by Prof. Zhijia Li at Hohai University , China. NEWS will likely lead to new generation of models and systems for flood risk analysis and forecasting with a high potential for commercialisation.

Postdoctoral research associate, Dr. Yi (Helen) He , together with Dr. Liqun Yang of the King's Business, played critical roles in securing the award, negotiating with Chinese partners, translating material and organizing a trip to China to coordinate the proposal prior to its submission. Dr. Florian Pappenberger at The European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) will be involved as an external consultant to the project. Dr. Jon Wicks and Dr. Zhengfu Rao from Halcrow UK will work closely with Halcrow Shanghai to benefit from their business network in China. They will investigate and collect information on potential users and buyers of NEWS products and propose marketing routes and strategies.